Extend the Reach of Your Brand and Sales with Channel Partner Marketing

Apr 3, 2013 | No Comments

Much of today’s commerce is built on a go-to-market strategy leveraging Channel Partners – relationships that provide revenue for all participants and extend the reach of all brands. Whether you look at Financial Services, where a product (mutual fund, index fund or ETF) is offered through Financial Advisors, or the roofing industry where roofing products

Concierge Services and Measurability

Sep 30, 2012 | 2 Comments

Concierge services provide a wide array of benefits for companies, residential and corporate developers, hospitality, small medium business executives (“SMBs”). By catering to the “luxury consumer” or “busy executive”, concierge services enhance relationships, increases engagement, retention, productivity, and marketability as well as adding a competitive edge. Inarguably valuable in today’s hectic and stressful world, the

Defining the customer experience online and offline

Jun 23, 2012 | 6 Comments

Until recently, much attention had been given to “Defining the customer experience”, with articles dedicated to identifying the “starting point” of the customer experience. I particularly liked this short piece by Jeannie Walters from February 2010, When does your customer experience start? Her reference to “brand discovery” started me thinking about how the transaction occurs

My 360 Degree View Treats the Customer Like A Person

Oct 21, 2011 | No Comments

I came across a white paper from the AberdeenGroup by Peter Ostrow where they had surveyed 261 end-user organizations to learn about sales effectiveness. Sales and marketing go “hand in glove,” and I’m always fascinated by the distinctions drawn between a sales-centric organization and their process, vs. a culture that puts more of the burden