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Executive Coaching For Driven Professionals

As an executive coach, I guide driven professionals through challenging situations and difficult personalities, be they in high-stakes boardrooms or everyday situations. I help enhance your professional relationships and facilitate self-understanding for personal transformation. 

My passion is empowering ambitious professionals, co-creating a resilient blueprint for action, ensuring your journey to success is tangible and measurable in both personal and professional realms.

My Philosophy

A foundational inspiration for my executive coaching style is a quote from Suzy Kassem: “The future is a blank canvas.” You have the power to paint the life you want. I help you identify your distinct talents and motivate you to surpass your own self-imposed limitations.

I incorporate insights from both Eastern and Western philosophy to inspire impactful change in every aspect of your life — not just your career. My methodology emphasizes the importance of all four aspects of being: physical, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual.

Using this comprehensive approach, I guide you through a process of self-discovery that produces tangible benefits to defining and achieving your purpose.

My Clients

If you are an ambitious executive or a professional eager to scale new heights, I am the right guide to be the catalyst to achieving your full potential.

Many of my clients are seeking to create more fulfilling business relationships and careers. As an executive coach, I specialize in guiding and supporting them to achieve their goals in a way that feels authentic and true to themselves.

I have worked with individuals globally to help them find greater fulfillment in their lives and careers. They come from diverse backgrounds and professions – from entrepreneurs and creative professionals to corporate employees and attorneys – and span a wide range of ages.

My Methodology

My approach is characterized by a blend of empathy and support. First, we clearly identify the goal you are trying to achieve. Then I co-collaborate with my clients to identify their objectives, assess their strengths and weaknesses, and co-develop a dynamic, goal-oriented action plan. I am a firm believer in the power of unconventional thinking and the ability to step outside one’s comfort zones. Upholding the International Coaching Federation’s (ICF) code of ethics, I continually inspire my clients to strive for greatness in a completely confidential space.

With my personalized coaching approach, my clients gain greater self-awareness, improve their communication skills, and develop a deeper understanding of what drives them. Whether you’re looking to advance your career, improve your personal relationships, or find greater fulfillment in life, I’m here to help you unlock your full potential and achieve success on your own terms.

As your coach you are partnering with a leader who is wholeheartedly committed to your success. A visionary who will not only help you navigate your path, but will walk with you, empowering you to transform your professional and personal dreams into your reality.


I've worked with an executive coach in the past, but the difference I find in Marla's coaching is that she is laser-focused on driving results. She's given me the clarity and confidence I was looking for, and most importantly, she understands business.
Jackie Powell
PCC- Business Owner
Coaching helped me to clarify my personal and career goals, leading to a sense of empowerment and direction. I've never experienced ti before. Ican now make decisions confidently and clearly knowing they align with my ultimate goals. As a result, I've made significant progress in my career and personal life. I'm more successful, happier, and fulfilled than ever before. This coaching experience provided a positive impact on my life.
Anna Zagrebina
Graphic & UI/UX Designer

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