Strategic Consulting

An award-winning Global Professional Services Marketer, one who facilitates companies with the strategy and execution of key account marketing. Today known as Account Based Marketing (ABM). This is a strategic approach to business marketing based on account awareness in which an organization considers and communicates with individual prospects or customer accounts as markets of one.  Certified and experienced in ABM, where for over a decade I have employed ABM tactics successfully in traditional and digital marketing organizations.

Business Optimization

A CPA by trade, for almost 2 decades, I have helped companies large and small enhance their operations for middle of the page cost containment while growing the top line through marketing and lead generation. In most cases to be successful, there is a requirement for total executive level buy-in, and while this approach typically draws heavily on existing tools and techniques for quality control already existing in the organization.  Putting together a strategy for the organization to enhance and streamline its operations to impact the bottom line is where I am an integral part of your strategy.

Customer Experience/Customer Success

Since 2012 I have engaged with Chief Marketing Officers, Chief Customer Officers and VP’s of Customer Experience as well as being one. With the emergence of Customer Success, companies are wrestling with where this fits in its marketing and sales cultures. My experience can help you establish where in your organization this role that is crucial in our times should exist.