Working with Marla as a professional executive coach was an exceptional and rewarding experience. Her rich background, including roles as CMO, CXO, and GM, has equipped her with an insightful understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by leaders in today's business environment and provided me with actionable, practical, and transformative guidance. Her approach is characterized by a deep commitment to supporting her clients' growth, not just in their professional roles but also in their personal development. She invests time in understanding the unique context and aspirations of each client, making her advice not only strategic but also highly tailored and relevant. I wholeheartedly recommend Marla as an executive coach. Her guidance is invaluable.
David Kaupp
Growth Marketing Leader
Marla is an excellent coach. She helped me navigate my career goals and develop strategies for various work situations. She helped me to see things more clearly, and as a result, I am more confident and thriving at work. Her questioning gave me invaluable insight into what was right in front of my eyes. Every session, I had an "aha" moment. I always left each session feeling inspired to work on my chosen path forward.
Sharmene Syversen
Director R&D - Fortune 500
Marla you were there for me when I started this new journey 17 years ago and guided me to becoming the empowered woman I am today. So thank you for seeing in me what I didn't see. Some of us take longer to find our dream jobs. I found mine at 50. Congratulations and much success on your new journey.
Maribeth Smialek
Marketing Coordinator
Engaging with Marla Bace was a transformative experience for our team. Her coaching helped us establish a better structure and a profound understanding of each team member's role, leading ot increased motivation and self-realization. Additionally, every individual now has a precise professional development plan. The collaboration was inspiring and created a meaningful business partnership.
Alex Romanivich
GEM - Founder & CEO
I've worked with an executive coach in the past, but the difference I find in Marla's coaching is that she is laser-focused on driving results. She's given me the clarity and confidence I was looking for, and most importantly, she understands business.
Jackie Powell
PCC - Business Owner
Coaching helped me to clarify my personal and career goals, leading to a sense of empowerment and direction. I've never experienced ti before. Ican now make decisions confidently and clearly knowing they align with my ultimate goals. As a result, I've made significant progress in my career and personal life. I'm more successful, happier, and fulfilled than ever before. This coaching experience provided a positive impact on my life.
Anna Zagrebina
Graphic & UI/UX Designer
While prospecting for new advertisers during my tenure with CBS Radio, I noted the J. H. Cohn campaign in newspapers, on the radio and on television. Marla Bace, in her role as CMO of J.H. Cohn worked to bring the first celebrity spokesperson and an integrated marketing campaign using print and radio to a regional service provider. Hands-on from conception through execution Marla effectively converted a stuffy, boring, financial tombstone styled financial advisor into a noticed, thought leading, cutting edge accounting firm.Through her work with J.H. Cohn, Marla developed a new advertising category for ad sellers ripe for multi-platform ideas and campaigns from media channels beyond financial books and newspaper sections. For J.H. Cohn, Marla put them ahead of their competitors by being first in the minds of businesses looking for accounting firms. The proof - you now see many accounting firms using the same tactics she developed at J.H. Cohn
executive Business coaching
Jim Reilly
Local Sales Manager- WPAT & WSKQ-FM radio

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